My name is Coire Walker.
I teach people how to play the guitar.

About Me

My name is Coire Walker, and I love to balance the technical, creative, and theoretical elements of music to build my students into innovative, well-rounded musicians. Lessons are low-pressure and fun, and all ages are welcome. If you are looking to pick up the guitar for the first time, I will teach you foundational playing techniques, small amounts of music theory, and work together with you to design a practice routine that addresses your needs. If you have plateaued with your playing, I can offer new perspectives, provide theoretical context, and share creative exercises to challenge you. I have been playing guitar for twenty-five years and teaching professionally for fifteen. This is my primary occupation and it suits me well; the long-term relationships forged and the medium used couldn't be more rewarding.

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My music degree is from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

"Coire quickly became the best guitar teacher I've ever had by really understanding my musical goals. He helped me develop skills to reach those goals by using music I was interested in and exercises that challenged my comfort zone."
- Max D.

Presently, I am offering in-person lessons to fully vaccinated students on the Olympic Peninsula, as well as online through Zoom. Learn about how I have made Zoom lessons highly effective here. I encourage every prospective student to share a thoughtfully constructed playlist with me. I want to understand what you love most about music and where you want to improve. Where do you see yourself in three, six, and twelve months after beginning our lessons? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player? How do you learn most effectively, and what structure will you need at home to succeed? What do you want to achieve by taking lessons with me?

I teach all genres of music except advanced jazz and classical guitar; these two are their own discipline and I do not claim to have mastery of them, however, we can play with them as much as you like! I enjoy folk, fingerstyle, rock, shoegaze, funk, punk, blues, and many other styles. Lesson topics include songwriting, reading, ear training, strumming and picking techniques, singing and playing simultaneously, soloing, composition, and connecting the aforementioned topics to their underlying theory. Sometimes I even have the honor of helping students with live performances and personal compositions.

"Coire is very talented at teaching as well as playing. I came in as a true beginner, and with his guidance I have developed a solid foundation. He allows you to submit songs you would like to work towards so that classes are rewarding and you learn songs you actually want to play. He makes guitar both approachable and enjoyable!"
- Brittany B.

Teaching music is a tremendous privilege and responsibility, and I take my job very seriously even though my lessons are relaxed. As a student, you will have a personal folder in Google Drive containing relevant lesson materials including homework, notation, exercises, links, and demonstration videos I create. Documenting in this way takes time, but I have found that having these resources available really aids student success. There is a freedom in playing the guitar that is unlike anything else I have experienced, and as a teacher, it is my primary objective to help you understand and master this challenging and deeply rewarding instrument so you can experience this freedom for yourself.


To learn about my teaching, please visit my YouTube. I have hundreds of lessons there for you to study from, free of charge. For more current clips, visit my Instagram. You can listen to some personal projects here.

Recently, I started a blog to share music-related stuff.

If you are coming here from YouTube in search of tabs, you can find them here.

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"Coire is an exceptional teacher! Great with any song or style, and great at using technology: recording video tutorials, using GDocs for sketching out songs, and using Zoom for lessons."
- David C.


"Brooklyn's Best Guitar Lessons"

- Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 2014


I currently have a waiting list for new students, but please do reach out! My schedule changes on a weekly basis, and summertime tends to be a time of exploration and transition for everyone.

Lessons are $85/60min, $65/45min, and $50/30min. In my experience, 60 minutes is the optimal amount of time for reviewing material, answering questions, and thoroughly exploring new objectives together, but we can still get a lot done in 45 minutes. 30 minute sessions are best for children and students who can come focused and prepared for smaller steps.

In the interest of beginning our relationship with clear expectations, I ask that you please review the lesson policy towards the bottom of my FAQ; many of your questions should be addressed there.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to hearing from you!


"Coire is top notch. He is really trying to help you become a better guitarist and musician. He gives a ton of helpful advice on technique, explains theories patiently, and encourages creativity. His lessons are fun and inspiring. I highly recommend him."
- Jung Y.