My name is Coire Walker.
I teach people how to play the guitar.

About Me

My name is Coire Walker, and I love to balance music's technical, creative, and theoretical elements to help my students become innovative, well-rounded guitarists. The guitar has been my instrument for twenty-five years, and I have been teaching professionally for seventeen. Teaching music is my primary occupation, and it suits me well; the long-term relationships forged and the medium used could not be more rewarding. Lessons are low-pressure, fun, and all ages welcome.

I offer lessons in-person and online via Zoom. Learn about how I have made Zoom highly effective for all my students here.

My music degree is from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

"Coire is a kind, fun, and patient teacher who meets you where you’re at with a wealth of knowledge and tips to help you improve. I leave every lesson feeling like I’ve learned so much and with practical next steps to apply to my playing. After just a few lessons I feel like I’m already making progress towards my guitar goals and I would highly recommend Coire if you’re considering guitar lessons!"
- Kristen S.

If you are a beginning player, my primary objective is to get you familiar and confident with the instrument while nurturing your curiosity. I have plenty of productive approaches to learning playing fundamentals, creating healthy practice habits, and positively framing the experience. If you seek new perspectives, theoretical context, and challenges with your playing, I'd love to help you get excited again. I prefer to work with students on a long-term basis, but I am happy to help you for any length of time.

I encourage prospective students to share a thoughtfully constructed playlist with me. I want to understand what you love most about music and where you want to improve. How do you see yourself three, six, and twelve months after beginning our lessons? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player? How do you learn most effectively, and what structure will you need to succeed?

I teach all guitar styles on acoustic and electric instruments, ranging from classic and hard rock to funk and soul to fingerstyle and folk. Lesson topics include songwriting, reading, ear training, rhythmic and melodic dictation, chord and scale application, strumming and picking techniques, singing and playing simultaneously, soloing, and composing. Teaching the theory behind the music that my students enjoy is especially rewarding. Sometimes I even have the honor of helping students with live performances and personal pieces.

Every student has a personal Google Drive folder containing relevant lesson homework, notation, links, and demonstration videos (these make excellent study guides). Documenting this way takes time, but it is a robust study framework, highly organized and accessible from anywhere. Consider lessons with me like a personal college course tailored to your interests.

"Coire quickly became the best guitar teacher I've ever had by really understanding my musical goals. He helped me develop skills to reach those goals by using music I was interested in and exercises that challenged my comfort zone."
- Max D.


To learn about my teaching, please visit my YouTube. I have plenty of lessons you can study from there, free of charge. Many have notation (tabs).

You can listen to some personal projects here.

From time to time, I blog about music.

You can sign-up for my newsletter here and read the most recent edition here.

"Coire has been working with my daughter in the virtual space for a few months now and it has been nothing short of exceptional. From the start he has put her musical preferences first to ensure that she is getting what she wants from the lessons. She looks forward to her lessons weekly with him and even after her lessons she continues to practice without me asking. What more could a parent want? He gets how to connect people to their musical preferences to make it fun. on top of all that he has been great with providing guidance for gear. This has been very helpful to someone who knows little to nothing about gear."
- Ben N.


"Brooklyn's Best Guitar Lessons"

- Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 2014

"Best Guitar Lessons 2022"

- Expertise.com


Lesson rates are $85/55min and $65/40min.

A fifty-five lesson is optimal for reviewing material, answering questions, and exploring new objectives together, but we can still get a lot done in forty minutes. I accept Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay, and cash for payment. If you are interested in a lesson, please review the lesson policy at the bottom of my FAQ page.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about me. Please reach out; I'd love to hear from you!


"I’ve been working with Coire for about two months now I’ve already learned a tremendous amount. He has done an excellent job at teaching me the skills to achieve my musical goals (working specific songs, technique, etc.). But most importantly to me, and I wasn’t expecting this, his teaching style has shown me new ways to approach the guitar and music in general. I feel like I leave each session with a valuable lesson that I could use independently for the rest of my musical career. Highly recommend."
- Nicholas P.