My name is Coire Walker.
I teach people how to play the guitar.

About Me

My name is Coire Walker and I love teaching guitar. There's a certain intimacy, a powerful expressive connection with the guitar--your fingers are always on the strings, connected to the sound you're making; it forces you to be in the moment, to focus, and hopefully, to feel. The freedom I've found in playing guitar is unlike anything else, and helping my students find their own personal sense of musical freedom is what teaching guitar is all about for me. I have been playing guitar for twenty-five years, and I've been teaching people how to play guitar for thirteen. In my approach to teaching I like to balance the technical and creative elements of music to build my students into innovative, self-aware musicians. Lessons are low-pressure and fun, and all ages are welcome.

My music degree is from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

Students are encouraged to thoughtfully construct playlists to provide me with a sense of what they love most about music and what songs they would like to learn. My approach to teaching is flexible: I can provide very structured practice and study, or approach lessons very laid back and spontaneous. Every student learns differently, and that's what makes teaching music so interesting for me. Primary lesson objectives revolve around realistic, attainable goals for the short and longterm that my students and I create together. Providing a working understanding of music theory is very important to me, and it's tremendously rewarding to watch my students grow into well-rounded, fully-functional musicians.

Regarding musical styles, I teach all genres of music except advanced jazz and classical guitar--these are their own discipline and I do not claim to have mastery of them (but we can play with them as much as you like!) Some styles I enjoy are rock, funk, punk, folk, reggae, and fingerstyle guitar. Lesson topics include music theory, songwriting, reading, ear training, strumming and picking techniques, singing and playing simultaneously, soloing, chord composition and harmony, live performing, and working on student compositions. If you are in a band and looking to challenge your playing further I can work alongside you in that regard as well.

Playing a musical instrument is not easy, and I am deeply passionate about supporting and encouraging my students every step of the way. Lesson time is always focused on what is best for my student and how to get them where they want to be; I consider myself merely a resource for that success.

Most importantly, my intention as a teacher is to make sure you enjoy the musical process as we move forward together.


For samples of my teaching please visit me on YouTube.

I also write and perform music around town. You can learn more about it here.


"Brooklyn's Best Guitar Lessons"

- Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 2014


60min lessons at my studio in the Congress Park area are $60. Lessons are also offered in your home. I offer discounts on in-studio lessons for students who commit to four lessons in a given month as $200 packages; I feel this rewards students for their commitment, and it helps to keep my income stable.

Introductory lessons at my place are half price ($30)

Please feel free to reach out via phone or email.